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Trip Schedule

DAY 1 1300hrs (Departing) Jetstar airfare $1200 (2pax incl. tax)
4/8/2008 Changi Airport terminal 1          
  1740hrs (Arriving)          
Taipei  Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Terminal 1 (一航)     SGD$ 1200
31C, sunny            
  Free-Go bus to Hotel +886 (2) 25863065       TWD$ 280
  NT$140 / pax       SGD$ 13.33
  1930 - 2030hrs        TWD$ 2180
  Check-in TS Hotel (reserve till 2100hrs) +886 (2) 23818710 SGD$ 103.81
  2100hrs - 2300hrs          
  Ximen dinner/shopping          
DAY 2 0730hrs          
4/9/2008 Hotel breakfast          
  0930hrs - Taipei MRT (METRO) TWD$20/pax        
Kaohsiung Ximen station 西门站 to Taipei main station 台北车站      
29C, sunny            
  1030hrs 高鐵 (Rail 409)   Reservation Number:  
  Taipei High Speed Rail (MRT - Taipei main station 台北车站)    
  1230hrs       TWD$ 2380
  Kaohsiung High Speed Rail - Zuoying station 左营 (R16)   SGD$ 113.33
  MRT (METRO) TWD$25/pax (approx 15mins trip)      
  Zuoying station 左营(R16) to Kaohsiung main station 高雄车站 (R11)    
  Check in hotel (around MRT Kaohsiung main station) price rate approx TWD$600/night
  1400hrs MRT (METRO) TWD$20/pax (approx 10mins trip)    
  Kaohsiung main station 高雄车站(R11) to Sanduo Shopping District 三多商圈 (R8) 
  • Shing Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store 新光三越百货    
  • Pacific Sogo Department Store 太平洋琮光百货      
  • Far Eastern Department Store 大远百货          
  • Kaohsiung Sky Tai Tower 高雄85大楼 (ticket TWD$100/pax)    
  • ShinZhong Night Market 兴中观光夜市          
DAY 3 0830hrs          
4/10/2008 Breakfast          
  1130hrs MRT (METRO) TWD$25/pax          
Kaohsiung Kaohsiung main station 高雄车站(R11) to Kaixuan station 凯旋站(R6)    
29C, sunny • Dream Mall 梦时代购物中心           
  (Ferris Wheel on the shopping mall 摩天轮) TWD$100/pax    
  Kaohsiung main station 高雄车站(R11)          
  • Shopping/food - Jianguo 2 Road 建国二路/ Bade Road 八德路    
  • Nanhua Night Market 南华夜市          
  • Liuho Tourist Night Market 六合夜市          
DAY 4 0845hrs          
4/11/2008 Breakfast          
  MRT (METRO) TWD$25/pax (approx 15mins trip)      
Taipei  Kaohsiung main station 高雄车站 (R11)  to Zuoying station 左营(R16)  
26C, sunny            
  1006hrs 高鐵 (Rail 410)   Reservation Number:    
  Zuoying station 左营(R16)          
  1142hrs       TWD$ 2980
  Taipei High Speed Rail (MRT - Taipei main station 台北车站)       SGD$ 141.90
  Taipei MRT (METRO)       TWD$ 40
  Taipei main station 台北车站 to Ximen station 西门站(TWD$20/pax) SGD$ 1.90
  Check-in Future Star Hotel        TWD$ 1080.00
  (Reserved till 2000hrs) +886 (2) 23755500 / 23755229   SGD$ 51.43
  Taipei MRT (METRO) TWD$30/pax          
  Ximen station 西门站 to Houshanpi station 后山埤    
  • Wufenpu shopping area 五分埔商圈          
  • Raohe st night market 饒河街夜市          
DAY 5 0845hrs          
4/12/2008 Breakfast          
  Danshui 淡水 - MRT Danshui station 淡水站        
Taipei  • Yu ren ma tou (opposite of 淡水 take boat 5mins) - TWD$100/pax (2 ways)  
23C, cloudy • 50NT bag shop (Monday closed)          
  • Ah Gei 啊給, Ah Po 铁蛋, 鱼酥          
  • 30cm ice-cream          
  北投 (hot spring) - Beitou MRT station 北投站 transfer to Xin Beitou station 新北投站
  • Hot spring museum (closed on Monday)          
  • Public hotspring (beside the museum) at TWD$40/adult, TWD$20/child   
  • Ya Tai hotspring Hotel (Asia Pacific) package NT$1200 weekends    
     NT$1000 weekdays. Free shuttle bus (1hr private & 2hrs public)    
  Jiantan 剑潭 - MRT Jiantan Station          
  (剑潭) station exit right shuttle          
  Miramar (美丽花) Ferris Wheel on shopping mall (TWD$150/pax)    
  Shilin 士林夜市          
  The night market is just opposite 剑潭 station        
  • Haoda chicken cutlet 豪大鸡排          
  • Coffin wood 棺材板          
  • Xuepian 雪片          
DAY 6 0830hrs          
4/13/2008 Breakfast          
Taipei  MRT (METRO) TWD$20/pax          
24C, cloudy Ximen station 西门站 to Taipei main station 台北车站      
  Taipei main station 台北车站  to Taipei intercity bus terminal 国道客运总站  
  • Taipei main station 台北车站 (station front metro mall ext.#6 walk about 5mins)  
  • Guoguang bus +886 (2) 25583060 to Yeliu 野柳 (about 50mins trip)  
  1015hrs - 1330hrs          
  Yeliu 野柳           
  Keelung bus 基隆客运 to Keelung 基隆          
  • TWD$45/pax about 45mins trip          
  • Alight just one stop before bus terminal          
  Keelung 基隆 shopping          
  Miaokou night market 廟口夜市          
  Keelung railway station 基隆火车站          
  • Take train 电车 to Taipei main station 台北车站 (35mins trip)    
DAY 7 0900hrs          
4/14/2008 MRT (METRO) TWD$20/pax          
Monday Ximen station 西门站 to Longshanshi 龙山峙站        
  Longshanshi temple 龙山峙          
25C, cloudy MRT (METRO) TWD$20/pax          
  Longshanshi 龙山峙站 to C.K.S memorial hall station 中正纪念堂站    
  C.K.S memorial hall 中正纪念堂/自由广场        
  MRT (METRO) TWD$35/pax          
  C.K.S memorial hall station 中正纪念堂站 to Taipei zoo station 动物圆站  
  Maokong sky train 猫空缆车          
  *** too bad CLOSED ON MONDAY ***          
  Revisit Shilin 士林夜市          
DAY 8 0900hrs          
4/15/2008 Breakfast          
  Book Free-Go bus to Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Terminal 1(一航)    
Taipei  (16/04/2008 1450hrs)          
22C, rain            
  MRT (METRO) TWD$40/pax          
  Ximen station 西门站 to Hsintien station 新店站 (xindian)    
  Bitan scenic area 碧潭风景區 (exit MRT turn left walk about 5 mins)    
  Wulai 乌来 hot spring / waterfall          
  Xindian MRT station exit right take Xindian bus 新店巴士 (about 30mins)  
DAY 9 0900hrs          
4/16/2008 Breakfast at ximen          
  Ximen buy pineapple tarts, sun biscuits          
29C, sunny 1450hrs (NT$140 / pax)          
  Free-Go bus to Airport          
  1825hrs (Departing)          
  Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Terminal 1          
  2300hrs (Arriving)          
  Changi Airport terminal 1          


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