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Day 4 (11 Apr 2008, Friday) ~ Taipei, 26�C Sunny


Checked out and breakfast near hotel

Jasz looking good today, thanks god…


MRT to Zuoying station (R16) ~ 1006hrs HSR back to Taipei

Get some snacks / drinks from 7-11 store

Zuoying station 高铁左营站 (R16)

Ready...... GO!!!

    Click here to      Check schedule for High Speed Rail (HSR) 台湾高铁


From Taipei main station heading to our pre-booked hotel at Ximending area (Ximen station)

    Click here to     Taipei Metro Map       Map of Ximen(西门)


1205hrs: Future Star Hotel 明日饭店 (NTD$1080/night, no breakfast) Tel ~ 886-2-23755500 / 23755229

Phone booking ~ payment upon check-in only (cash or credit card) - Ximen Station exit 6 (about 2min walk)

Check-in time should be 1500hrs noon, check-in earlier can be arranged at extra cost (about NTD$300/3hrs) or you may leave your luggage in the hotel “free of charge”.

Since we going to Wufenpu, so temporary leave our belongings in the hotel. Note: bring along your valuable and important documents with you (passports and etc…)

See from outside, Future Star hotel looks not that good and quite old, but actually their rooms are quite new and clean, if you going there try to request to stay at 7th floor (which just newly furnished not long ago)... We are not lucky enough, the rooms at level 7 are all fully booked even though we call for booking 1 month in advance... so end up we stay at level 9...

We are given NTD$200 discount voucher which can be used it for discount on weekdays stay (Monday - Thursday).... so our last 2 day stay become NTD$880 only... Wow! much better than the hotel we stay in Kaohsiung...

Future Star Hotel 明日饭店 at Ximending 西门町 $1080/night ~ worth it... 9th floor

Got bathtub some more....

Click here for    Future Star Hotel 明日饭店 Website


1300hrs: Wufenpu Shopping District 五分铺商圈

MRT Houshanbi station 后山埤站 - NTD$30/pax from Ximen station (20-25mins trip)

Having our lunch ~ beef noodle and dumpling soup

Wufenpu 五分铺  fashion paradise (wholesale market) lots of clothes and accessories

Average NTD$500 for 3 T-shirts "lelong-lelong"…

Next time if you come here please spare at least 4 hours, uhh! plenty of shops…

The only picture I took at Wufenpu... Not recommended to go Wufenpu on Monday, because here will be crowded due to a lot of retailers doing stock purchase on that day...

Beef noodle ~ NTD$85

Dumpling soup ~ NTD$55

 Click here to    Map of Wufenpu Shopping District 五分铺商圈      Raohe Night Market 饒河街夜市  


1830hrs: Raohe Night Market 饒河街夜市
10mins walking distance from wufenpu, across the Songshan Railway Station 松山火车站

We are standing at the Songshan Railway Station 松山火车站, accross the road behind Jasz is Raohe night market 饒河街夜市 Raohe night market 饒河街夜市

Pork ribs NTD$25 like our Pak gu teh 肉骨茶

Spicy stinking beancurd NTD$45

Songshan Railway Station 松山火车站



Back to Ximen station, you can choose to take railway to Taipei main station or MRT, recommended railway because Songshan Railway Station 松山火车站 located just beside Raohe night market 饒河街夜市...

After check-in our hotel, we walk around Ximending shopping district...

Tomorrow we going to Danshui 淡水, Beitou 北投... See ya


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