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Day 2 (09 Apr 2008, Wednesday) ~ Kaohsiung, 29degC Sunny

0750hrs: Breakfast (hotel)

Just a standard meal, we found the food a bit salty and feel very thirsty after served.


0930hrs: MRT (Metro) Ximen station to Taipei main station

about 5mins trip, cost NTD$20/pax.

For transportation on Taiwan MRT (METRO), you can purchase a topup card 悠游卡 (Easycard) like our ezylink card for NTD500 inclusive of a refundable NTD100 deposit. Do remember to refund it at the end of your trip before you leave for Singapore. Refund can be done at the MRT control station. Some bus services also accept the use of this card.

We didn't buy their easylink card cos we found it a bit troublesome to do the refunding later... laZy bugs... :)


MRT one way token

MRT automated ticketing machine similar to Singapore's one

Queue up for the train

  Click here to   Taipei Metro Map      Taipei Metro official website


Taipei Main Station (the 3 in 1 station) ~ 捷运 MRT (METRO), 高铁 HSR and Railway in this area

We booked our High Speed Rail (HSR) tickets online ~ Taipei station to Zuoying station (kaohsiung). Cost NTD$2380 for 2. At first we hunted for the HSR ticketing counter, only to find it with such a long queue, fortunately we got our tickets from the automated ticketing machine with the helped of their nice and friendly staff (need your passport number and reservation number to obtain the tickets).

   Click here to      Check schedule for High Speed Rail (HSR) 台湾高铁


1030hrs: Onboard HSR to Kaohsiung (Zuoying station R16)

High Speed Rail average speed at 300km/h, from Taipei to Kaohsiung only about 2 hours.

Nice view along the way to Kaohsiung

High Speed Rail (HRS) ticket

Snack and drinks are selling on the HSR

Vending machine also available in the train.

2hrs later, all our bumps were numb we finally arrived at our destination Kaohsiung Zuoying station

We had booked our HSR ticket from Zuoying back to Taichung online, last minute change our plan to Taipei straight, so...

Free of charge for the first changes made, subsequently NTD$$20/changes


1230hrs: MRT Zuoying station (R16) to Kaohsiung main station (R11)

about 15mins trip, cost NTD$25/pax

Tourist information can be found at Kaohsiung railway station 高雄车站 (beside Kaohsiung main station R11)

     Click here to     Kaohsiung Metro Route Map       Map of Kaohsiung MRT Station



1300hrs: Look around the hotels near Kaohsiung main station (R11)

With 10+kg on our back and under the hot sun, sweat man~~~

Check-in hotel near kaohsiung MRT station "Nice Hotel - 国眾饭店" (not recommended as the room is really very old and lousy), but it is quite near to the MRT station and the price is only NTD$600/night nia, that’s why we decided to stay here... Tomorrow we'll look for the better ones...

1400hrs: Unpacked, and take MRT again to Sanduo Shopping District 三多商圈 (R8)

about 10mins trip, cost NTD$20/pax

Walked around the shopping area and bought some food and drinks at Shincong night market 兴中夜市 (opposite SOGO shopping centre 太平洋崇光百货).


Stinking beancurd, suitable for vegetarian as well. NTD$40

Noodle "Dan Zai" 担仔面. NTD$35-45

We didn't try this~ regret!! 猪血糕

Meats ball 肉圆 - NTD$20. Like Singapore 小龙包

   Click here to      Map of Sanduo Shopping District 三多商圈


Kaohsiung 85 tower

about 5-10mins walking distance from Sanduo MRT station, entrance fees NTD$100/person

Kaohsiung 85 (this photo was taken infront of Shincong night market 兴中夜市)

View of Kaohsiung city 高雄市

Getting dark

   Click here to      Kaohsiung 85 Hotel Website


2000hrs: Back to Kaohsiung main station (R11) to Liuho Tourist Night Market 六合观光夜市

Liuho night market 10 - 15mins walking distance from MRT station or taxi (cost about NTD$80)

Walk along the street behind Jasz about 10 - 15mins to Liuho night-market 六合夜市 (Kaohsiung Main Station 高雄车站 was in front of Jasz)

Finally we are here!! ~~Liuho tourist night market 六合观光夜市

Slurp! ~ mango ice (o_<)

Ice-cream with freshly cut mango yummy... *sweet*  NTD$170

Coffin wood (toast) 棺材板 at Liuho

Oyster egg - NTD$50

Special BBQ ~~ Alishan sausage 阿里山香肠Giant size man...

Vegetarian stall in Liuho - We notice a lots of vegetarian food  in Taiwan

Dumpling NTD$35 for 10 Night market pet's shop KissSSss ~~ cute

   Click here to        Liuho Tourist Night Market 六合观光夜市 Website



Back to hotel and recorded down the activities we had done during these two days


Completed… tomorrow going to Kenting nation park 墾丁国家公园 ~~~~ wowhoo


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