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Day 1 (08 Apr 2008, Tuesday) ~ Taipei, 31degC Sunny

1300hrs: Onboard Jetstar

Try to check in 2hrs earlier, lots of duty free shops behind this mirror

Jetstar plane ~ yes!? we are going with this "small toy" to Taipei...

We bought mineral water before boarding the plane, but unfortunately during the check-in we were told to discard our food and drink as no outside food and drink were allowed in the plane. Jetstar serves hot meals and drink at extra cost, SGD$8 - $10 for hot meals (chicken rice, nasi goreng & etc…) and SGD$3/drink (soft drink, mineral water and etc).

This is our first time going with Jetstar, too bad Jetstar did not provide any entertainment throughout the 4hrs journey (TV, games and etc) Jasz and I had nothing to do and what else? …… Just zzZZZ slept through …. My fault~~ should have done more research ya…..

Filling up Taiwan immigration card (provided by Jetstar)

Nasi goreng~ looks good, SGD$12 comes with a drink.

Budget airline tips found from the web after our trip….

Try to book the seats on the emergency exit row(12 & 13). This will give you 100% more leg space.

Seats/leg space for this small toy is really very narrow (for my size I means), if you can’t get the emergency exit row, then try to book the seat at the back. Why I am saying that? What we have observed mostly those “uncle & auntie” (boarding alone), they will try to choose the front seat normally (3 seats / row), so you and your partner may have "higher chances” to have 1 extra seat if you are seating at the back.

  Click here to    Jetstar Airline Official Website


1740hrs: Arrived in Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (Terminal 1 一航)
Free-Go Bus (direct bus to all the hotels in Taipei city)  Tel ~ 886-2-25863065

We were looking for Free-Go bus to our pre-booked hotel (TS hotel 大顺饭店) in Ximending 西门町, according to the information I found from forums, Free-Go bus counter should be at our right hand side once we exit airport, but actually it was located at left hand side instead. Anyway quite easy to find and the arrival hall is not that big…
Taipei Taoyuan/Chiang Kai Shek International Airport (Terminal 1 一航) - Bus Station Free-Go bus ticket cost NTD$140/head, honestly the seats is more much comfort and bigger than our flight just now.
KuoKuang bus - another alternative getting to Taipei
Operating hours: 0540hrs - 0050hrs
Contact number: 886-3-3834004
KuoKuang bus 61 route service from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Main Station (MRT /THSR /Railway)

Free-Go Bus - might transfer you to a smaller bus/van halfway through depending on which hotel you are going.


1920hrs: Check-in TS Hotel 大顺饭店

(NTD$2180/night - breakfast included) Tel ~ 886-2-23818710

Phone booking ~ pay upon check-in only (cash or credit card)
Photo was taken on next day morning ~~ Take note on the top ceiling ~ leaking? some condensate formed...

The room is a bit old and some condensate formed at the ceiling near to the corner of the bed, anyway we stayed only for few hours so... never bring up this issue to the hotel staff….

   Click here to     TS Hotel (大顺饭店) Website


2030hrs: Ximending (西门町)

Walked around Ximending for some snacks and drinks (about 5mins walking distance from hotel)

Ximending (西门町)

Here you can see lots of people standing at the road side enjoying famous "Ah zong mian xian"

Retail therapy @ Ximending Jasz bought the skirt for NTD$950

Egg oyster 蚵仔煎 NT$50

Chicken cutlet (超大鸡排) NTD$40-45

Some others desert can be found in Ximending (西门町): mango ice, bubble tea and etc…

 Click here for     Map of Ximen(西门)


Back to hotel we got some information from the hotel staff on going to the Taipei main station (MRT). Actually, we roughly know how but just to make sure mar…. ~~kiasu~~ :p :p

Anyway the hotel staffs were very friendly and pleased to answers to all my queries too…. :)


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