DAY 3 ~ Melaka Travel Tours (Historical of Malaysia MELAKA)

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(Day 3) Sunday, 30 November

It was about 830am when Jeff called us to wake us up. We wanted more, just a little more... Weiwei dragged herself out of the bed, had a warm shower and it struck her that we are heading back to reality again.

Happy moments always last so short isn’t it? Xueling as usual took the longest and guess what?!?!?! She did not even bath lor… So the rest of us got to bear with her body odour…


Kulai - Johor

We checked out of the hotel about 9am plus or so and headed off to meet Aaron and Victor down the streets near Jusco. Further down the street we had our car filled with our all time favourite Clam Brand Petrol, arranged our bags and headed down to Kulai for the days activities.

Bak Kut Teh

It took us about an hour or so when we finally reached Kulai. A kampong look alike place, very much different from where we came from, hotel that does not look like hotel BUT it was where we could find the highly recommended Bak Kut Teh by Jeff.

The herbal aroma, the boiling hot soup, the slimy fats from the pig’s leg. ONE WORD “ POWDERFUL” though SINFUL but more rounds of badminton when we go back ok..??

Next we went to had Weiwei’s car brake pad done. It was a lucky escape manz… WeiWei as blur as a sotong nearly drove straight into a lobang! * Too sleepy ar*... But protected by her guardian angel, now all safe and sound.

We left the car at the workshop and went to Jeff’s house for a drink, toilet break and a game of Jinga.  We had lots of fun watching the fear from Victor’s face but seriously we were all out to get him ar… And of because we managed to… Forfeit not to be mention here...


Retail Therapy

It was past 3pm when we left Jeff’s place to collect the car and headed a “Shopping Centre” … There we bought a couple of stuffs but the main highlight for the day was a girl Victor had a fancy on….

As usual being a sucker, he chio Jeff for a hair cut in a hair saloon where he saw the girl. Feeling obliged, Jeff agreed and this was the turning point of his life…. Or should I say the day when Kulai became happening because of HER… They even took a picture together and what more he had her number as well…. Well Done!!!….

We had our last meal of the trip at Mary brown and headed back to Singapore bout almost 6pm. It was a dread, with Jams and with all our heads thinking of the same thing  “back to work the next day”………

Oh well its always hard to say goodbye to FUN, HAPPINESS, LAUGHTERS, JOY and a groups of HAPPENING PEOPLE that made this trip FANTASTIC……Now BACK TO REALITY!!!!


Melaka's Log: Summary | Day1 | Day2 | Day3


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