DAY 2 ~ Melaka Travel Tours (Historical of Malaysia MELAKA)

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(Day 2) Saturday, 29 November

“RING…” The loud rattling sound from our hand phone woke us up from our sweet dreams.  As usual, princess Xueling refuse to get out of bed only with the help of Victor’s armpit “Bau” that finally drag her out of bed.


Street of Melaka

Feeling all giddy and nausea, it did not stop us from wanting more that day. We walked down the Street of Melaka with our tour guide yakking away about the history of Melaka. * Please spare my ears Aaron*. And I tell you that paparazzi Jeff is snapping his life away…. but still we were all thankful…

The Streets of Melaka was filled with many people believed to be tourist from various part of the world. From young to old, man to woman, Asian to Caucasians…..... It suddenly struck me its been long since I step into Melaka. I must admit I am indeed impressed with the changes.


Melaka Chicken Rice Ball

We finally reached the “famous” Chicken Rice Ball stall, ordered for 6pax. Rating was 6 out of 10. Chicken was nothing compared to Singapore. Only the unique “balls” make it special. Total price of RM45 plus.


Nyonya Stall

We headed along the Quay – Singapore Clark Quay look alike with brownish water to a run down shop house that serves Chendol… We was so looking forward to it till I smelled a strong stench coming from inside…. *puke*. Their Specialty for the day was “Tau Kua” Rojak. We had a plate of that with a bowl of Chendol each. Oh My God!!!…Rating – Off grade!! It was horrible + terrible…. but still Aaron enjoyed it most. Total bill RM20 plus – total ripped off.


Fort A' Famosa

With our “tank” over filled we had a slow stroll to Fort A’ Famosa a historical place of Melaka where lots of photo taken. There we were told about the History of Melaka – Boring. From a distance we could see a statue and we could not figure out what it was. It kept us in suspense, so we had no choice but to climb a flight of stairs up.

The scorching sun was shinning on us; it was like an energy booster to me.  With the cool breeze blowing at us, without much effort we were up on St Paul’s Hill.. Now you know!!!! I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find… lalalala. We could view part of Melaka from the hilltop and WOW the scenery cannot be explained by words….


Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall

We spent about half an hour or so up on the St Paul’s Hill and headed down to the Melaka’s biggest shopping mall – Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall – we have a drink at Hong Kong style De Fun and Tea Café nothing really fantastic there.

Time check ~ 1500hrs. We headed back to hotel for a short rest before we start the later part of the journey.


Tangkak beef noodles

After a short rest, we headed for an early dinner – beef noodle, when we got there, to our astonished the shopped has been relocated. OMG!!! Feeling disappointed and hungry, we decided to settle for another Hot favorite instead – Pork Rib Noodles.

ZoomZoom…. Along the way there, we could see many eating places and suddenly Aaron starting screaming so loudly that it nearly scared the shit out of us…. We turned our head and saw the sign “ Tangkak beef noodles” and we knew that was it! See, even heaven is on our side… *wink*. 

We made a turn back without much hesitation and entered the newly furnished eating-place with much excitement in us.  The aroma of it filled the place like flowers in the garden and we knew then that it will be love at first sight. 

We ordered each a small bowl of beef noodles with additional 2 bowls of beef balls as our sides order. First taste of it …….. YumYum…… The more we ate, the deeper we fell in love with it. All thanks to our local tour guide, Aaron Tan!! For that we will give an applause… Only for that…. *wink* Poor Xueling who wanted so badly for more was rejected by Aaron reason given “save your stomach for later la.”  * argh*


Seremban Siew Pow

We headed down the streets, just around the corner to a place where many local munchies and the famous “Seremban Siu Bao” could be found. We started grabbing like it was free and ended with bags of snacks such as “Beh Teh Soh”, “Peanut cakes” and of course the freshly baked and piping hot Siu Bao!!


Melaka Badminton Association

Where next? We headed to Melaka Badminton Association hoping to get some gears for our newfound hobby. Though the place look small but was filled with vast variety of badminton gears at a cheaper price compared to Singapore.

Aaron brought badminton shuttlecocks (RM55 per tube) and grips (RM4 for one) for his friends back in Singapore. The friendly Lady boss was so kind, she allowed us to play with their super huge badminton racket that was on display in the shop! We felt so excited as we have never seen such big racket before…. Or should I say we are “mountain tortoise”. Hehe... This explains why we didn’t miss the chance to take a couple of pictures with it.

With all our hands filled with stuff, we had no choice but to head back for a “quickie”. Don’t think otherwise….


FISH SPA & Foot Reflexology at Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Mall

Feeling tired after all the shopping, WeiWei suggested to have our feet soak in the water… FISH SPA?? Hmmm sounds good. Without much hesitation, we hurried back to the shopping mall beside our hotel - Dataran Pahlawan *again*, check on the price and zoom…

We were feeding the fish with our HONGKONG FEET... Actually Jeff’s feet only, haha… Picture paints a thousand words. We managed to get a good deal of RM45 with 30mins of FISH SPA and 30mins of Foot Reflexology…. Shiokodoo is the word to describe.


Dinner - Wan Ton Mee

Energized and refreshed, our stomach needed to be filled again. We went to a place where they serve nice Wan Ton mee (Recommended by Aaron).

With the “bad experience” in the afternoon, WeiWei, Victor, Xueling and Aaron decided to order the largest bowl. Manz…. I tell u, we have never seen such a huge bowl of Wan Ton Mee before. Within 5mins, Xueling has gobbled down her bowl… While WeiWei was having a hard time swallowing down (Though their size not explains  it).

As usual, Aaron the biggest eater among all had to sacrifice to finish up her share. Jasmine, a fan of chili accidentally poured the whole bottle down her bowl and she ended eating chilli noodles… Wahahaa! No regret because it still tasted wonderful.


Night Market - Jonker Walk

We headed to the famous weekend night market in Melaka known as the Jonker Walk. Slight traffic along the way but that did not bring our moral down at all. When we arrived, we dashed towards where the crowd was. We could see many stalls along the streets.  The deeper we went, the more interesting it seems to get. Food, clothes, accessories…. U name it, they have it.


The Jetty

It's about an hour later, that we had to reluctantly leave the place for “THE JETTY” where the nightlife began. We were crossing our fingers on our way there, being hopeful that the GOGO KTV will not be fully reserve. .* FAT HOPE, IT’S A SATURDAY NIGHT MY FRENZ* but still…. When we reached, it was still a distance from the main entrance. A special service was provided and we were transported via a buggy to our location. – isn’t it amazing???

Why were we not even surprised at all when we were told by the counter that there were no more slots available till probably only after midnight? Sighz… Disappointed and disheartened, Aaron left his mobile number behind and we settled for pool game instead next door. *Ring* *Ring* *Ring*… Every phone that rang that night just made our heart skipped a beat. We were just desperate… More like victor ar…. He wanted his very own Mini Concert…

*RINGGGGGGGG* … The long awaited call came and we hurriedly rushed to the counter to registration. See… Heaven was also on our side… As usual Victor was the most excited one among us; he can finally show off his hidden talent… haha... We sang our lungs out that night and we have to agree that Victor was indeed Good but not the BEST!!! Haha!!

Time flies and soon 3hrs was up, it seems like we did not have enough but at least we managed to have a feel of the microphone… We ended the night with a second round of Assam Pedas (all thanks to WeiWei for her persistent) but still it tasted just as good.

It was about 330am when we headed back to hotel wishing we could extend another night tomorrow. Oh well.. Humans are never contented.


Melaka's Log: Summary | Day1 | Day2 | Day3


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