Indonesia Bali Free and Easy ~ Day 4

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Day 4 (02 May, Saturday)

Our last day at Bali, we finally got the chance to sleep a little bit late, as we planned to go to Kuta Beach for surfing and most of the surfboard rental shop will only open after 1000hrs.

After breakfast, we had some photo shooting session around the hotel and exchange some Rupiah from the money changer somewhere near to our hotel.

P/S: exchange rate there are slightly higher compared to Singapore (SGD$1 = 7100 Rupiah).


Surfboard Rental (Poppies Lane 1) ~ (Rating: 4/5 )

Headed to a few surfing shops to look for the cheapest rental and we finally found one that offered us 35,000 Rupiah (about SGD$5) per day for a surfboard rental. The shop located at Poppies Lane 1 (near to Hotel La Walon). We tried to bargain further as we told the shopkeeper we were going to use it for only 2 hours, but he refused to give in. It was the cheapest around as some shops offered us 50,000 Rupiah (about SGD$7.20) per day.

P/S: if you are planning to surf for the whole day, remember do not rent it near the Kuta Beach as they charged by hourly rate and it will cost you more.


With the surfboard on one hand, we headed to Kuta beach for some surfing excitement! We chose not to engage any lessons from the Surfing Schools at Kuta as it was quite expensive (USD30 for 4 hours) and we got not much time left for our next activity.


Surfing at Kuta ~ (Rating: 4/5 )

We headed towards the big wave that hit on the shores of Kuta continuously. It was not easy for us to stand on the surfboard and all of us got bruised from the big wave that caused the surfboard to fly everywhere. Luckily, we got the surfboard stripped on our left leg, if not we will have to pay for the missing surfboard, which is USD100.


Bakso Jawa (Meat Balls Noodle) ~ (Rating: 4/5 )

After the surfing, we return to the Bakso Jawa pushcart for some delicious spicy meatballs! Can’t get enough of it~!



Tattoo Arts ~ (Rating: 3/5 )

While eating, a few of us decided to get temporary tattoos just for the fun of it. It will wear off after a couple of weeks and it cost us 100,000 Rupiah (about SGD$14.30) for the 4 tattoos.


We returned the surfboards and proceed to checkout from our hotel at 1400hrs. Called Mr.Gede for his services but unfortunately his MPV was too small for our luggage and backpacks, so he recommended another agent to provide us with bigger MPV. We paid 200,000 Rupiah (about SGD$28.60) for our second half of the day tour, which inclusive of transfer service to Denpasar International Airport.

Next, we headed to a very exciting place that awaits all of us! – AJ Hackett Bungee Jump!!


AJ Hackett Bungee Jump ~ (Rating: 5/5 )

Two of us in the group (Aaron and Victor) decided to take the jump. The tower height is 45 meters and it cost USD79 per person for one jump (a certificate and t-shirt was given in a package). They managed to ask for a discount and finally paid USD75 each.

Watching them jump is already an excitement and I can imagine what is the feeling like if I were up there looking down. The jump was brisk and I can sense that feeling of tense and excitement when they took that leap down~!

The video and photos taken by them are sold for USD45 and we thought it was not a wise choice to buy it. I got a couple of shots from below, its free~!


Billabong Factory Outlet ~ (Rating: 3/5 )

After the jump, we headed to our next destination Billabong factory outlet which is about 20 minutes away from AJ Hackett.



Nusadua Beach

The driver was really anxious to bring us to Nusadua under the instruction of his boss even though we did not show any interest in going there. Nusadua is suitable for those looking for some water sports adventure such as Jet Ski, Para-sailing and banana boat. Our stop at Nusadua was short and brief. As we were not ready to get ourselves dirty, we were really reluctant to take part in any of the activities.



SOGO Department Store (Reflexology and Massage) ~ (Rating: 4/5 )

Our stomach is growling in hunger once again~~! And our next destination was to SOGO department store where we ate A&W for dinner. There was not much to shop for in the local departmental store and the stuffs sold there were much more expensive compared to those at Tanah Lot and even Kuta Beach.

The one thing that we enjoyed most at the departmental store was the reflexology and massage session. It cost only at 70,000 Rupiah (about SGD$10) for an hour! Totally worth it and the massage was great!


2200hrs: Denpasar International Airport

As the time passed by, we realized that it was time for us to head to Denpasar International Airport to take our flight home back to Singapore!

We did not aware that we got to pay 150,000 Rupiah (about SGD$21.50) for departure tax and do not have enough Indonesia notes with us to pay the tax before leaving Bali, end up we paid SGD$25 per person to get through immigration and to board our flight.



Bali Trip Conclusion ~ (Rating: 4/5 )

Overall we had an enjoyable and memorable trip in Bali. Total cost of the trip is about SGD$550 for each of us (4 days 3 nights trip + Air tickets).

We will definitely visit again... Highly recommended!


bali's log: itinerary | day1 | day2 | day3 | day4


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