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Day 3 (01 May, Friday)

We woke up early in the morning at 8am to have our breakfast at hotel’s cafe before we start our one-day tour around the beautiful island of Bali!

Today, we will be visiting a few famous tourism places like Tanah Lot, Kintamani, The Holy Springs of Tirta Empul and we will be watching the Barongan show as well.

We hired Mr. Gede again for our one-day tour (for his contact number can refer to ~ DAY 1). You may contact Mr.Gede to book for his service, but remember to bargain with him for a cheaper price, we managed to bargain from 400,000 Rupiah to a lower price 300,000 Rupiah (about SGD$43) for a MPV rental + driver for about 10-12 hours.

P/S: if you are planning to drive or ride in Bali, make sure you are aware that...

  1. some of the road are very narrow.
  2. police may stop you and you will be required to produce your international license. If fined, you may have to pay a "fee".
  3. ceremonial processions are frequent and roads may be closed for periods of time.
  4. traffic conditions can be quite heavy in areas such as Kuta and Denpasar.


Barongan Show ~ (Rating: 2/5 )

Our first stop for the day was a small indoor place for us to watch the “Barongan” show. Barongan is a Javanese version of “Barongsay”, the dance of dragon. We paid 80,000 Rupiah per person to catch the show. I have to say that the show was rather boring cause we don’t really understand what is the story in the show is about and some of us nearly fell asleep! I have to admit that I was hoping that the show ends faster. And luckily, it did!


Batik Factory ~ (Rating: 2/5 )

Next, we headed to the Batik factory. Batik is a form of art that is originated from Java and it is widely used on garments. The designs are very beautiful but somehow I feel that it doesn’t really suit my taste. We witnessed some of the locals drawing designs on clothing materials and we browsed thru the shop as well but we didn’t buy anything there.


Art Gallery ~ (Rating: 2/5 )

We hopped on our MPV and proceeded to our next destination which is the art gallery. Most of us are quite fascinated with the art piece there. One particular piece caught my eyes and I started to bargain with one of the staff there. At first he quoted USD 100 for it but I managed to slash the price to USD 30!! 70% from the price that he quoted in the first place. But in the end, I didn’t buy it and the staff followed me all the way and kept pestering me for a better price for it till I left the shop!

P/S: Bargain till their pants come down… (But make sure you buy when he gives you the price u want!)


Lunch (Babi Guling) ~ (Rating: 2/5 )

By that time, our stomachs were growling in hunger! It was 12pm and we need to feed ourselves! Before the trip to Bali, I came across this articles recommending about a famous food of Bali called “Babi Guling”. It is a local version of roasted pork served with a special chili sauce.

I told our driver to bring us to a place where local people eat Babi Guling, he says “OK!” But the moment we reached the makan place (makan = "eating" in malay), we could tell that it was meant for tourists! We found that the meal was so-so only and it was expensive! The meal costs 383,000 Rupiah (about SGD$55) for the 6 of us! Not worth it!


Holy Spring Temple ~ (Rating: 3/5 )

With a full stomach, we headed to our next destination, which is the Holy Spring Temple. It is here that the Balinese come from all over the island on pilgrimages to bathe in the holy springs and thus cleanse themselves spiritually. We saw a big artificial pond with a huge numbers of Koi fishes right before we enter the temple.

Again, we are required to wear Sarongs (for those who wear short pants) and tie a cloth along our waist as a form of respect before we were allowed to enter the temple. For ladies who are having their menstruation, they are not allowed to enter.

As we enter the temple, we saw locals and some tourists washing themselves with the Holy Water in a pond. We didn’t have any extra clothing with us, so we can only washed our hands and faces. The water was really cooling and refreshing.

We left the temple shortly and we were guided to an exit which lead us to many shops that were selling local products like sarong batik, key chains, necklace, kites and many more. The locals here are much more aggressive in selling their stuffs, once u stop to take a look, they will pull you into their shops. And if you do bargain something with them, make sure you are ready to pay that price, if not they will curse and swear at you!

As we were walking briskly out of this maze of shops (as we were terrified by their aggressive sales tactic), at the end of it a few old Balinese ladies started to give us small lil bananas and kept pestering us to eat it. And after we eat it, she will give us the whole bunch of bananas and demanded 10,000 Rupiah for it. And if you give them 20,000 Rupiah, instead of giving you the change they will give you another bundle of bananas! Haha! But overall, the prices are cheaper compared to Kuta.


Mount Kintamani - Volcano ~ (Rating: 3/5 )

Next, we head to the viewing spot of Mount Kintamani! According to the driver, Mount Kintamani is still an active volcano. It was a long and winding road going to the viewing point for Mount Kintamani. We were really glad that the weather was cooling on top and we were looking forward for a pleasant view up there.

But once we came down from our vehicle, we were surrounded by locals pestering us to buy their goods. They just doesn’t take no as an answer and in the end, a few of us got no choice but to give in to them and bought a couple of stuffs from them. And the worst was, after we bought from them, we realized that there was even more of them crowding around us. We have no choice but to make this stop a short one and quickly headed back to our MPV. And to our fascination, they still didn’t give up and continue to crowd around our MPV. We kinda pity the kids who have to endure a tough life at such a young age.


Tanah Lot (Floating Temple) ~ (Rating: 4/5 )

Our last and final stop for our one-day tour is Tanah Lot, a beautiful temple situated in the middle of the sea. Tanah Lot in Balinese language is defined as “Land in the Middle of the sea”. During the low tide, tourists and worshippers are able to visit the temple to pray or just to take a look inside. We enjoyed the time spent at Tanah Lot as there were other many shops for us to look around for food and some local products.

The things that are sold there was the cheapest among all places that we’ve visited. There was not much room to bargain as they quoted us cheap prices right at the beginning. We bought 3 beautiful “ship” kites for 100,000 Rupiah (about SGD$14.30) and some clothing for our parents back home as well! We wished we can stay a bit longer but time was running out as the 12 hours car rent is almost up and we got to prepare to go down for our massage spa later.


Dinner at Poppies Lane 1 ~ (Rating: 3/5 )

We were back to our hotel in no time thanks to the superb car driving skills of our driver. We gave him 50,000 Rupiah (about SGD$7.40) as tips and he definitely was really happy to receive it!


Galuh Bali Spa ~ (Rating: 2/5 )

After a tiring day traveling and busy bargaining with the locals, we were really looking forward to our booked spa package at Galuh Bali Spa.

After a light meal, a driver from the spa company was waiting for us at the lobby. We excitedly got on to the MPV and in 20 mins, we reached Galuh Bali Spa! As there wasn’t any single bed room available, we were paired in pairs in a room. Our spa treatment started with a foot wash and after that, it was oil massage and lastly body scrub.

We all agreed that the spa service was not very impressive and some was saying that it was not good as we expected. For 350,000 Rupiah (about SGD$50) and you get this kind of services in Bali I think is actually overpaid. Disappointed! Nevertheless, the Spa still managed to freshen us up!

After a late night meal, we headed back to our hotel at 12am!


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