Indonesia Bali Free and Easy ~ Day 2

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Day 2 (30 April, Thursday)

0800hrs: breakfast in hotel

The breakfast served by the hotel was in the open air atmosphere, the restaurant just in front of the lobby.


0830hrs: Transfer service from Hotel to Ayung ~ (Rating: 1/5 )

A van come and pick us up to the rafting starting point (about 2 hours journey from Kuta), the van is really lousy compared to the MPV we rented yesterday, we got a sauna in the van when we are on the way back to hotel after the rafting adventure ~~ the air-con like s@#$Ks!!!

We book from this agency, their booth near to the Kuta beach roadside (refer to the picture below), they had promised us to cater 6 of us with a van but in the end we got to squish with other people (total 9 peoples into their "air-con less" small van).

Booked a Whitewater Rafting from Bali E-Tours at USD30 per person


White Water Rafting ~ (Rating: 3/5 )

They provided us with a dry bag to store our cameras and important stuffs. Started our rafting adventure after a short briefing by the instructor, whole adventure ride took us about 2 hours to complete. Half way of our rafting journey, our guides parked our raft at a beautiful spot for us to have a brief photo shooting session and for us to take a breather.

The ride was bumpy thru out and I have to say it was not as excited as expected. It was only the very last part of the ride where we fell from a 4 meter dam that got us excited. But sadly, it also marked the end of our rafting expedition.

Brought this photo at the end of the rafting session at 35,000 Rupiah (about SGD$5).

After washing up and changed to a new set of clothing, buffet lunch (included in the package) was ready for us in a small hut. We had a quick meal and we were on our way back to our hotel!


Take a look on the second picture below that I took while we are on the way back to hotel, the sunlight going directly into the car and it was really super hot! Victor almost like to take off his top and sunten inside the car.


Kuta Beach Sunset ~ (Rating: 4/5 )

After back to our hotel, we cleaned up and headed to Kuta beach for a walk. We managed to catch the sunset and took some beautiful pictures at the beach. We stopped by a pushcart mend by a local selling “Bakso” Jawa. As we were not very hungry at that time, we ordered 4 to share among ourselves. The chilli was really spicy and it was delicious!!

We continued our walk around Kuta and finally, we decided to head to “Kuta Night Market” by taxi 25,000 Rupiah (about SGD$3.50)


1930hrs: Kuta Night Market ~ (Rating: 3/5 )

We were shocked to realize that “Kuta Night Market” is actually a food court rather than a place for shopping. We were rather disappointed but we still managed to eat some local style satays. It was yummeeee too~~!


Galuh Bali Spa ~ (Rating: 2/5 )

Next, we headed to “Galuh Bali Spa” for some self-pampering. We managed to bargain for a cheaper price for our 2 hours spa package to 350,000 Rupiah (from 400,000 Rupiah) per person (about SGD$50). But unfortunately, there weren’t enough rooms to cater for all of us. So, we have to make bookings for the next day 9pm.

(**Next day, we found out their service was overrated**)


2030hrs: Surf Factory Outlet ~ (Rating: 3/5 )

After paying the deposits for the spa booking, we crossed the street to a fairly big “Surf Factory Outlet”. The girls went berserk in the shop, as the stuffs in the shop were CHEEEEEAP~~! Some of the bikinis were selling at 75,000 Rupiah only~! (about SGD$10) And the shirts were cheap as well. No dirt cheap lar.. but cheaper than Singapore.

Aaron thinking of buying a bikini as a gift to his mom, you know the sale's girl try out the size on the spot for him in front of all of us. Wow! I think this is one of the "impossible" in Singapore.


2300hrs: Clubbing Time ~ (Rating: 3/5 )

After shopping, we headed to VI AI PI, a clubbing place situated Legian Street and near to a permanent memorial that was built on the site of the destroyed Paddy’s Club during the 2002 Bali bombings. We ordered a couple of drinks and one waterfall which cost 62,000 Rupiah.

We didn’t stayed for long, as we have to wake up early the next day for our Bali one-day tour. We took around 15 mins to walk back from VI AI PI back to our hotel.


0100hrs: net-surfing at the internet house located just beside hotel La Walon. It cost us 1,000 Rupiah for 5 minutes (about SGD$1.70 per hour).


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