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Day 2 (06 February, Friday)

Jungceyion Shopping Mall

Woke up in the morning and headed to a newly opened shopping centre at Patong.

Had papaya salad and some curry for our breakfast in the mall! Food there is more expensive due to the air-condition and a cleaner environment.

Found a rare Offical Arsenal Shop in the mall!


Headed down to the streets of Patong to shop for some cheap t-shirts and singlets.

This friendly guy from Nepal can speak Malay, English, Thai and some Korean and Japanese!


Patong Beach

Headed down to Patong Beach to check out bikini Babes! The beach is full with ang mohs!


Met up with an agent that we met at the airport to arrange for some activities for the night and for our 3rd day at Phuket.

We paid 3500B per person for the following activities:

We "ta pao" (packed) roadside satays, that cost 15B/stick for dinner. You will need to bargain with the seller to sell you at a cheaper price. Normally they sell 20 to 25B/stick to the tourists.


Muay Thai Boxing

We were picked up from our hotel by a van to the thai stadium.

The whole show consists of 8 fights. The youngest contestant of the fight was as young as 8 years old! (wild guess)

Real fight with local making bets beside the fighting ring. There were 2 ang mohs among the contestants.


After the fight ended, we headed back to our guesthouse!


Phuket's Log: Summary | Day1 | Day2 | Day3 | Day4


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